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Ian Stroud / Tony Mandell

Our Loved Ian Stroud

1946 - 2005


Ian James Stroud


Ian was born on the 8th of January 1946 in Ramsgate, Kent. Son to Cyril and Nancy, younger brother to Keith born 4 years before.


Born in Ramsgate General Hospital the family lived behind his Grandfathers High Street jewellery shop at no 29 in a small basic cottage which Cyril renovated.  Cyril trained as a teacher after wartime service in the RAF and by 1950, Nancy also became a teacher and the young family moved to Helvellyn Avenue, a new house with a large garden behind St Lawrence Church to the East of Ramsgate Town centre.


In 1952 brother Colin arrived on the scene making the family 5 in all. (Nancy only left Helvellyn Avenue in 1998 after 46 years, now living in a residential home in Baldock)


Ian’s early schooling was at Mr Davies’ Prep School in Ramsgate, followed by St Lawrence Church Primary School near home.  He became involved with the church as a choir boy and his beautiful voice led to a live recording in Canterbury Cathedral in 1958. After his voice broke, Ian remained connected with the church as a bell ringer.


Although not successful in his 11 plus exam, Ian attended St Georges County Secondary school and emerged aged 16 with an ‘O’ Level in Technical Drawing.  This was not a true reflection of his considerable abilities and talents.


As a young teenager, he showed interest in radio, often tinkering with electrical gadgets which led to a good understanding of broadcasting.  His lifelong interest in astronomy, promoted by his grandfather, began with the purchase of a kit to build a reflecting telescope.  He travelled to London to an exhibition and spoke with Patrick Moore.  Ian also had a keen interest in photography and doing his own processing.  He gathered images of Saturn and its rings and won a national photographic competition in the Daily Express.


Ian also had considerable prowess as a weight lifter, in Karate and in Swimming, with a number of long distance sea swims to his credit.  Once he swam from Ramsgate Harbour to Sandwich Bay in the open sea, accompanied by friends in a sea canoe constructed by Cyril.  The distance was about 7 miles


Later he had an absorption with motorbikes and leant how to do his own maintenance work.  There was always something in a state of repair and a number of beautifully renovated motorcycles (usually Triumphs) was the result.  He made an epic journey to Spain.


His interest in broadcasting and reel- to – reel high quality recording led to demo tapes as a mood music DJ and an interest in early Pirate Radio led to a successful period at Radio Essex.  Website archives exist of this time.


Then followed a period of living at home, while doing manual work as a labourer.  Eventually he trained as a paint sprayer and car body repairer with an old school friends business in Ramsgate. 


Later,  Ian moved to New Southgate in London to join friends who had moved there to work.  He worked as a bus conductor and barman and later as a motorcycle courier while trying to find a position on BBC Radio.


A period of depression led to a spell in London’s Fortis Green Mental Hospital when he met Ann Cole and her son John, a relationship that lasted for about 4 years, in which he supported Ann through periods of considerable difficulty in her life.


His next move was to a flat in Muswell Hill and in 1978 Ian’s father, Cyril, died.


A chance meeting promoted a demo tape to the Voice of Peace radio station in Israel.  Ian became a nationally popular figure as a DJ hosting the prime “Twilight Hour, Twilight time” show, again as Tony Mandell..    A young lady called Nava also worked for the Voice of Peace and they fell in love.   Ian inherited a ready made family of Nava and her two boys, Amnon and Udi to whom he became a loving father.


Ian and Nava returned to England staying firstly with Colin & Jacky in East Finchley.   Shortly they found their own home in Church Crescent, Muswell Hill.  They later purchased a flat in Wood Green.

Ian found employment with Permex, selling petrol station pump systems and Nava started a patisserie shop “Teatime”in East Finchley successfully selling to nearby Jewish communities.


A change of direction meant a move to Upper Caldecote near Biggleswade, but shortly afterwards Ian suffered a minor heart attack leading to a wish to change career.  They decided, with Ians musical abilities that he could become a piano tuner.  He attended The London College of Furniture and 4 years later was awarded an HND in Music Technology.  He travelled everyday for 4 years, come rain or shine on his motorbike to the Commercial Road to do this!


At the same time, Ian had part time employment with Colin’s Company, Contractors Machinery Ltd and worked Saturday mornings doing research work.   Later, although still piano tuning he continued to work 2 days a week until his death, liking the variation this gave him.


Ultimately, Ian built up a round of 300 customers who came to know him and whose company he enjoyed.


He became a member of the Ickwell Cricket Club, preferring to keep some contact outside his tuning business and where as a regular he visited almost every night.


Throughout this time, there were regular visits to Israel where as Tony Mandell he remained a celebrity. In January this year Ian went to see a Vascular specialist at Hadassa Hospital in Jerusalem, After going through hospital registration the office clerk remembered his name and was delighted to share with Udi the wonderful time Ian-Tony Mandell have given her over the radio casting for the years he was broadcasting on the Voice Of peace.   


With his continuing interest in astronomy he became a member of the Cambridge Astronomical Society ,and purchased a 16 Inch reflecting telescope.  He spent time converting it to motor drive so he could control it from his computer.


Navas family, Amnon, Udi and their wives were regular visitors to their house in Upper Caldecote and Ian and Nava journeyed to Israel 2 or 3 times per year.   He was a loving grandfather to Ziv, Gal, Ben and Yotam.


Two years ago Ian took part in building a satellite broadcasting company for his sons. He spent days and night with his brother Colin, in research and marketing the up growing company. He took part although a distance away, in all of the company’s operations. Six month ago Udi and Amnon were happy to share with him their new satellite truck. Amnon told him that 50% of it is his, “everything I know and all my skills comes from you” he added


 His contact with his nephews, nieces and step nephews was regular and his gentleness and interest in them they all remember well.


Ian’s family in England and in Israel are grieving his death.



He was 59 years young…………………………………..

Pictures can be viewed :

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The Radio Man / The Piano Tuner